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Third match of 2015 T20 : April 19, 2015

PCC Spartans beat UO Eugene by 7 wickets

University of Oregon Eugene: 171/8 [20]

{Aaditya Chauhan 95 (52b,7×4,8×6), Akash Agnihotri  27 (16b,2×4,2×6), Adeel Syed 2/22 (3)}


PCC Spartans (toss): 174/3 [13.4]

{Gaurav Vashisht 88* (32b,4×4,10×6), Harvinder Singh 57 (28b,3×4,5×6)}

Here is the scoresheet.


Player of the Match: Gaurav Vashisht

Match Notes:-

Wides Runs: PCC Spartans 17, UO Eugene 18

Stoppages: None, sunny throughout

Second match of 2015 T20 : April 13, 2015

Beaverton Kings beat UO Eugene by 53 runs

Beaverton Kings (toss): 183/7 [20]

{Gagandeep Singh 53 (32b,4×4,3×6), Girish Assudani 45 (29b,6×4,1×6), Subhash Kumaresan 29* (15b, 3×4,1×6), Abhijit Chinchore 25 (20b,3×4,1×6), Aditya Chauhan 2/27 (4o)}


University of Oregon Eugene: 130/9 [20]

{Aditya Chauhan 43 (23b,4×4,3×6), Subappa Ribiero 23 (33b), Rahul Kumar 2/9 (2o), Vikas Rao 2/20 (4o)}

Here is the scoresheet.


Player of the Match: Gagandeep Singh

Match Notes:-

Wides Runs: UO Eugene 26, Kings 26

Dropped Catches: UO Eugene 4, Kings 0

Stoppages: None, sunny throughout

Stats: Kings scored 88 runs in last 7 overs; UO Eugene, after a brisk start, scored only 63 runs in last 13 overs

First Match of 2015 T20 : April 6, 2015

UO Eugene beat Beaverton Tigers by 7 wickets with 3 balls to spare

Beaverton Tigers (toss): 203/7 [20]

{Sriram Lakshmanan 64 (36b,4×4,3×6), Sasikiran Reddy 63 (36b,3×4,6×6), Upendra Naidu 23* (13b, 3×4,1×6), Aditya Chauhan 3/29 (4o), Gentle Anderson 2/28 (4o)}


University of Oregon Eugene: 209/3 [19.3]

{Aditya Chauhan 128* (61b,11×4,6×6), Akash Agnihotri 26 (13b,4×6), Daniel Pearce 20 (26b, 1×4)}


Here is the scoresheet.


Player of the Match: Aditya Chauhan

Match Notes:-

Wides Runs: UO Eugene 32, Tigers 17

Dropped Catches: UO Eugene 3, Tigers 7

Stoppages: 40 minutes for hail storm accompanied by lightning and thunder, with Tigers score 36/2 [6.0]

Stats: PotM Aditya Chauhan’s century is 4th highest in OCL T20; he was dropped 7 times at 15,51,52,63,71,78,96; First UO Eugene T20 win since May 5th, 2013, not counting the match Prokarma conceded to UO Eugene last season.

Raiyo Aspandiar


Pictures by Zachary Corbett and Raiyo Aspandiar.

More pictures on facebook by Cheran Ganesan.

Scrimmage match vs Corvallis : March 29, 2015

Corvallis 128-10 (20 overs), *University Of Oregon 132-6

Here is the scoresheet.

Seventh match of 2014 T20 : June 14, 2014

Seventh match had Oregon Cricket Club up against Beaverton Hawks at Cal Young Middle school. After a slow start hawks got a big partnership from Sandeep and Prakash to take them to large score of 206/5. In reply Oregon Cricket Club lost early wickets and got a small partnership between Gentle Anderson and Daniel Mundra but it was not enough finishing with 115/9. Hawks won by 91 runs.

Here is the scoresheet.

Sixth match of 2014 T20 : June 2, 2014

First away game for the Oregon Cricket Club put them against Beaverton Tigers. The game was played at John Deere Field in Gresham OR. After being put in to bat first, the tigers posted a big total of 155 led by an opening partnership between Tarun Juneja and Varun Juneja. Oregon Cricket Club started positively but kept losing wickets. At the the end even though Oregon Cricket Club finished all 20 overs they could only post 102. Beaverton Tigers won by 53 runs.

Here is the scoresheet.

Fifth match of 2014 T20 : May 13, 2014

Fifth match had Oregon Cricket Club up against MCC. A incredible bowling performance by Navin Sharma and Sourodipta Bose had Oregon Cricket Club reeling at 53/8. A recovery effort by Daniel Pearce, Tom Ryan and Abhi Sharma gave Oregon Cricket Club a manageable score of 118. After taking some quick wickets by Oregon Cricket Club, MCC was steadied by Sourodipta Bose and Nakul Chadha who lead to reach the total comfortably. MCC won by 7 wickets.

Here is the scoresheet.

Fourth match of 2014 T20 : May 3, 2014

Fourth match had Oregon Cricket Club up against Portland Warriors. A hat trick by Narinder of the Warriors pinned the Oregon Cricket Club back but some fantastic batting by Vikram and a good anchor role by Daniel lead them to a score of 178. A good opening partnership by Jayan and Thilak put Portland Warriors in a a great place and even though they lost some wickets they were able to finish of the game with 3 overs to spare. Portland Warriors won by 7 wickets.

Here is the scoresheet.

Third match of 2014 T20 : April 28, 2014

Third match had Oregon Cricket Club up against NW Titans. A slow start by NW Titans was steadied by their captain Deepak Kumar and Sai Ganguru and some lower order hitting lead them to a score of 197. Oregon Cricket Club start slowing and even though Alex Macfarlan played well he did not find any partners to stick with him and keep the run rate up. OCC was only able to post 130. NW Titans won by 67 runs.

Here is the scoresheet.

Second match of 2014 T20 : April 21, 2014

Second match had Oregon Cricket Club up against Beaverton United. Good batting by Beaverton United specially their captain Chaitanya Deshmukh and Munish Sharma put them in a great position with 198 on the scoreboard. A good start from Jim Cleavenger and then a big partnership between Tom Ryan and Kamal Thangasara had Oregon Cricket Club close but Chaitanya stepped in and took the crucial wicket of Kamal ending the partnership. In the end Oregon Cricket Club could only put 155. Beaverton United won by 43 runs.

Here is the scoresheet.