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Catching Up with Alum Paulo Schirch

Paulo Schirch, class of 1981, reports that he retired in 2013 after 25 years with Solvay. At the time of his retirement, Dr. Schirch was president of the company’s South America division. Currently he is serving as a Board Member of Peroxidos do Brasil and at the Brazilian Chemical Association ...

Physical Chemistry Seminar – Lutz Maibaum, March 20th

Paper by Julie Haack Featured in the ACS Nexus – Green Chemistry Newsletter

A research paper by UO Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty Julie Haack was featured in an article in the March edition of the Nexus – Green Chemistry Newsletter titled “Effectively Communicating the Need for Green Chemistry.” The paper, ...

David Tyler qouted in RealSimple article on Greener Habits

UO chemistry professor David Tyler provides expert commentary on greener soap habits in RealSimple article: 5 Unexpected Causes of Pollution

Check out the Latest UO Chemistry and Biochemistry Newsletter!

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Upcoming Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Seminar – Loi Do, March 17th

Upcoming Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Seminar – Brian Hoffman, March 10th

Evolving Idea ~ Ken Prehoda is tracking down the molecular mishap that started it all

The Winter 2017 edition of Cascade magazine covers groundbreaking research on evolution in UO biochemist Ken Prehoda‘s laboratory. Read the article here

Upcoming Physical Chemsitry Seminar – Gordana Dukovic, March 6th

Upcoming Physical Chemistry Seminar – Dean DeLongchamp, Feb. 27th

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