tel 541-346-3817, fax 541-346-4692 email: bindeman@uoregon.edu

Education, prior employment:
BS, MS Moscow State University, Russia 1988
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1998
University of Wisconsin, postdoc, Staff Scientist 1998-2003;
CalTech, Staff Scientist, 2003-2004;
University of Oregon, Assistant Professor 2004-2009
Associate Professor 2009-on

Feature: Ultra-low d18O, dD (-27.3 and -235 permil!) Paleoproterozoic rocks signifying proof of the Slushball Earth climate model pdf , pdf2
Investigating these rocks is now the major effort in the lab; We just came back and analyzed 165 samples for oxygen and hydrogen isotope and created isotope maps, suggesting 200 km long area of isotope depletion (Bindeman and Serebryakov, 2010 in prep) [fieldwork]
Supervolcanoes – Link to the Scientific American article and frequently asked questions about large and small volcanic eruptions

Current Activities (updated Oct 2011)
Winter Series Seminar Series and associated class on Paleoproterozoic glaciations will bring together leading specialists in this field . (We have Paul Hoffman, Joe Kirschvink , Davis Evans and Andrey Bekker) are coming to educate us about new development in this field. This follows my newly funded NSF grant to investigate uldtra depleted rocks in Karelia, attributed to glaciation near equatorial latituded 2.4 Ga.

Stable Isotope Lab at the University of Oregon has been constructed [see installation photos 1-2-3]. Mass spectrometer – Finnigan MAT 253 – is installed since July 2006. We built a laser fluorination system and a general purpose vacuum lines, installed TC/EA and GasBench as periferal devices for the mass spectrometer. Jim Palandri is our lab manager, Kathryn Watts, Gary Nolan and Niccole Shipley (graduate students, all graduated in 2011-2012). Our current lab population includes Angela Seligman (University of Utah) and Dana Drew (Pennstate) and Dylan Colon (incoming Sept 2012).

Former Lab members:
Kathryn Watts (PhD 2011) finished her excellent PhD consisting of 4 published papers and got very prectigeous Mandelhaul postdoc in the Volcano Hazardz TEam (USGS, Menlo Park)
Erwan Martin (postdoctoral scolar, 2007-2009) now an Assistant Professor at the Universite de Paris 6
Sara Auer (MS graduate 2007) is a Museum Curator at the Natural History Museum in Ithaca, New York State