Membership Fee

All participating members of the club must pay $40 annual membership fee. The membership fee covers one school year (fall through summer). Membership fee is not refundable.

Membership Form

Neither the University of Oregon nor the Club Sports Office (including the Badminton Club) provides insurance coverage. You are participating in club activities at your own risk. In addition, as a member of the Badminton Club  you must adhere to student conduct guidelines. See below document for more information.

NOTE: This document is here for reference purposes only! You can obtain a copy of the membership form at our practices or at the Club Sports Office. There is no need for you to print and/or fill them out now.

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Membership and Eligibility Requirements

All full and part-time incidental fee paying students of the University of Oregon are eligible for membership in the Club Sports program. No minimum grade-point level or athletic skill level is required for participation. Faculty and Staff are eligible to participate in clubs that do not have intercollegiate eligibility requirements.

Each member is required to have a signed MEMBERSHIP/WAIVER FORM on file in the Club sports office before participating in club activities.

Not all club members are required to compete: in fact, some association or league requirements prohibit certain club members from doing so. For example, part-time students, staff and graduate students may not be eligible to compete in intercollegiate competition. Each club is responsible for knowing its own association/league regulations and for ensuring that it is meeting those regulations. All club members are eligible to participate in club training sessions and other activities not specifically regulated by the club’s association/league rules.

Insurance and Medical Considerations

All club members must sign a MEMBERSHIP/WAIVER FORM indicating that they are voluntarily participating in the sport and will not hold the University responsible in case of injury. These forms must be collected before the first practice. Questions about the form can be directed to the Club Sports director.

It is the responsibility of students who wish to participate in the Club Sports program to ascertain whether they have any health conditions that would make it inadvisable for them to participate. Students are advised to consult a family physician or the University’s Student Health Center if they are uncertain about a medical condition.

Insurance Coverage/University of Oregon Student Insurance

The Club Sports program does not insure program participants. The Associated Students of the University of Oregon Student Insurance health insurance policy does provide coverage for accidents and injuries occurring during Club Sports related activities. Each Club Sports participant is encouraged to purchase the University of Oregon Student Insurance policy unless the student is covered under a family plan.

Note: An exclusion in the basic University of Oregon Student Health Insurance Policy lists injuries received during “practice for or participation in intercollegiate athletics, or travel to and from practices or games (this pertains to athletes competing in varsity, jr. varsity or freshman athletics).” Therefore, it is important that when you file a claim you do not state that you were injured while participating in an intercollegiate athletic-related activity. As long as you indicate the injury was from a Club Sports activity, this policy probably will cover you.


Selection of Coaches

Each club is responsible for selecting its own coach or coaches, and the selection must be approved by the Club Sports director. Coaches may be selected from the community or many be selected from the community of may be University students or staff.

Completed COACHES’ INFORMATION FORM must be submitted to the Club Sports office so accident insurance and liability coverage can be provided for coaches while serving in their coaching capacity. These forms must be turned in to the Club Sports office prior to a clubs first scheduled practice.

Insurance Coverage for Coaches

Coaches must register as a University of Oregon volunteer through the Club Sports office. As a volunteer, each coach is covered by the University’s liability insurance during the performance of coaching responsibilities, and is covered by an injury protection plan during the performance of duties (secondary coverage).