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2012 UO Open Draws

Men Single

Women Single

Mix Double

Men Double

Women Double

2011 UO Badminton Tournament Draws

Saturday: Doubles (Registration starts from 10:30am)

Sunday: Singles and Mixed (Registration starts from 9:00am)

Also, due to insufficient entries, we will cancel cash prize of Women Singles and Women’s Doubles. Nice Rackets/bags will be provided instead.

A Men’s Singles Draws

A Men’s Doubles Draws

A Mixed Doubles Draws

A Women’s Singles Draws

A Women’s Doubles Draws

2011 UO Badminton Tournament

UO is pleased to announce that we are going to hold our 2011 tournament on April 9th and April 10th. This tournament will be sponsored by Guangzhou Yintai Sports CO., LTD.

Over $1500 in Prizes this time! CASH PRIZE for all A flight winners and will be $100-$200 for each event.

Drop flight & round robin formatĀ guarantees THREE games for each event, more fun!

2011 Tournament Entry Form

2011 University of Oregon Badminton Tournament

PBC Summer Classic May 22nd

Portland Badminton Club (the one we went to on Jan.31st) is going to have Summer Classic Tournament on May 22nd (May 21st on the flyer is for kids, you can just ignore it).

Since we’ve already required team members to go to PSU Tournament, which is one week before PBC event, PBC Tournament is not mandatory for team members. However, if team members want to go, the club will cover all the fee for you. For others, the club will provide transportation as usual.

For more details, please read the entry form carefully

PBC Tournament Entry Form

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