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This is important! Please read carefully!

What: Fundraising (cleanup)
When: Friday, March 12th, 9:30pm
Where: McArthur Court

Please help us keep our membership fees low by participating in this fundraising event. For this fundraising opportunity we need about 15 people. Everybody is welcome. In fact you can bring your friends (tell them you have a surprise). If you need a ride just let us know; We will arrange pickups and drop-offs. Attendance is mandatory for team members (not just top eight).

We need to provide club sports office with a roster for this event. So if you can give us a hand on Friday send us an email ASAP.

We are well aware that this is Dead/Finals week. But we club coordinators have worked tirelessly throughout the year to provide you with a great place play badminton and we are only asking for a minor help.

So please, be there or be square!

Update: It looks like majority of the people don’t know the location of McArthur Court. Therefore, we are meeting in front of the REC Center and will walk to the Mac Court together. Please show up few minutes early. Wait inside the REC Center if the weather is poor.

Update 2: We did it! We raised total of $210, meeting out original fundraising goal for this year. Tip of my hat to all who showed up and helped to make this event happen. Thank you! :)


Just Say Birdies…

Perhaps little inappropriate, but I thought it was funny. Too bad it only comes women’s large. :(

Club Welcomes International Students

In the second of four tournaments this year, the club badminton team will play in the first annual Oregon Winter Classic badminton tournament in Portland Jan. 28-30.

Club coordinator Yiwen He said eight team members are going to the tournament. It is an individual tournament, meaning it is not a team competition. Orie Fukuda and He are entered in women’s doubles, while assistant coach Aaron Siu and Sandy Tang, Yasuhiro Hirayama and He and assistant coach Kevin Penn and Moon Nguyen are entered in mixed doubles. The tournament is open, so all ages are welcome. Oregon State and Portland State will send members to the open as well.

The coordinator said the players all have a good chance to go far in the tournament. Siu, a student originally from China, has played badminton her entire life. Siu said she is the best female badminton player in Oregon because of the instruction and training she received in China.

Club badminton combines casual interaction and competitive play, and all members enjoy the interaction and encouragement in an unfamiliar place.

Read the entire article at the Oregon Daily Emerald.

2009 OSU Open Tournament Videos


After two and a half days of editing, encoding, and uploading, the 2009 OSU Open videos are finally here!! Please visit our Youtube channel and check out the awesome videos. :)

Well, enjoy the videos and happy holidays!

Note: I tried to get all eight sponsored UO players and they should have been filmed at least once. Now, I am well aware that I did not get all the ‘good’ matches. There were a lot of mistakes made on my part, one of which being the total and complete absences of women’s single matches. Ok, before you accuses me of misogyny hear me out. Recording matches is a lot harder than it looks. I thought it would be as easy as pushing a record button and forgetting about it, but there were a lot a variables which I had to manage.

Anyhow, this has been a learning experience and I can assure you that these mistakes will not be repeated for the upcoming UO Open tournament. 😀

OSU Tournament Video Delays

Sorry about the lack of updates!

I am trying to post the OSU Tournament videos as quickly as I can, but unfortunately I have a slow computer. It is taking me good hour or two to encode a single 20 minute video. So, videos will get posted on our YouTube channel probably after the finals.

In the meantime, look at my black and white photos. :)

October 2009 Google Analytics

We installed Google Analytics few months ago for some lulz! Well, here is the result:

[gview file=”http://uoregon.edu/~badmin/wp-content/documents/analytics1009.pdf”]

Very strange that we are getting UK visitors…

Motor Pool Replaced

There was a great article on the Daily Emerald about the motor pool few days ago. Thought I should share it with you, so here it is.

The University’s system that doled out vehicles on a rental basis to student groups and club sports teams, known as the “motor pool,” closed its doors in the spring, leaving a void that is now being filled by Oregon State University’s motor pool.

The ASUO Motor Pool service provider changed this year after state budget cuts, and Oregon State University is now providing the same service for those seeking to borrow a vehicle.

The motor pool system allows student groups, departments on campus and club sports to borrow vehicles for retreats, conferences, tournaments and other events.

“It doesn’t matter what color you wear; we can compete in football, but we don’t have to compete over cars,” said OSU motor pool manager Justin Fleming.

Discussion of the partnership has been going on since the spring, when the University heard of the motor pool’s possible closure and began exploring different options to meet students’ needs.


Read the rest of the article at the dailyemerald.com.

Done Deed


p.s. I am not sure if I’m using the expression ‘done deed’ correctly… 😕

Open House

Some pictures from the Club Sports Open House! My camera was low on battery so I wasn’t able to take many photos. Here are four that are pretty decent.

I would like to thank Yiwen and Jessica for making an awesome poster for this event! Also, I would like to thank Sandy and Phil for coming down and helping us at the booth! 😎

Google Talk

Chat Bubble

If you visit our Contact page you will notice a new Google Talk function. We have added Google Talk in hopes to make us more accessible to the club members.

For now, I (Michael) will be handling all conversations related to Google Talk, since most of the club executives are out of town. However, once the school starts I might not always be the person on the other end of the conversation.

And on a side note, my current instant messaging client, Pidgin, is pretty bad when it comes to notifications. I will make an effort to be extra vigilant, but please understand that I might not respond to your messages right away even though my status is set to ‘available’.

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to send us an email or start a conversation!

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